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Love1Talibe Inc. is committed to laying out an inclusive youth education path for the millions  talibes in dire conditions which they have been cast, under no fault of their own. By liaising with local governments and stakeholders, Love1 Talibe plans on providing the educational journey forward. We are creating new inclusive educational models and immersive places for children to live, explore and where they receive the Quranic teachings promise as well as the life skills to succeed. Through farming, agriculture, and local volunteering, we are paving the road for a safer place for these youths in their journey to regain their childhood in order to lead successful lives. We refuse to accept these boys as “lost causes.”

“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This mantra is the backbone of reputable nonprofits that aim to benefit underprivileged and impoverished communities around the globe. Drawing from experienced volunteers, Love1Talibe is joining the journey forward.

Your donations are crucial in helping us provide the skills and tools for these youths to take back their childhoods and ultimately become full members of their communities.

Among our first steps is the installation of a solar well at a safe and reputable daara built back in 2008 for rescued talibes and other at-risk children. The solar well will play a key role in allowing the children to plant and cultivate their own crops. The end result isn’t just food for the school, but also a means to continue to empower the youth. Income generated by selling the crops will allow the daara to continue to provide free scholarships to other talibes and at-risk youths.

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The other tier of our plan is to establish a new school to provide both a safe learning environment and serve as an alternative living space for the talibes. We are in the process of converting a former hotel into a new boarding school with education, agriculture, and commerce as the three pillars of our vision. With three trusted marabouts (teachers) already on board, the new school on a two-acre plot of land will house around 100 talibes. Using same inclusive growth model, we hope to continue to expand and continue to impact the lives of as many talibes as possible.