Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission & Vision

To educate, rehabilitate, and advocate for the Talibé in West Africa.


Embedded across Universal Education as announced by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Dakar since April 2000 on Education for All (EFA).


The Talibé are “our common future.” ...Education's perceived values is one of many factors influencing educational facilities' potential to raise the level of human capital and support economic growth in a country.


To rehabilitate, educate and advocate for the Talibé of West Africa. Education not Exploitation; Shelter, Safety, School, and Support (ENE4S). Love1 Talibé aims at meeting the learning needs of all children and youth,


Unchecked child labor abuses led to major governments overhaul for the last decades aiming at curtailing abuses. Love1 Talibé remains a response, a value proposition to assist such vulnerable groups


Education through Shelter, Safety, School, and Support (ENE4S). Quality and accessibility of education and its capacity to help students meet the country's labor market needs -- are fundamental concerns throughout Africa.

Focus on Education

Education requires more than just western standards. Communities instill values onto kids. Love1 Talibé draws from the mix to help shape the future of those in need