Medical care of Talibé children

Enrolling talibé
5 May 2014
Yeumbeul Community center hospital
7 May 2014

The medical care of talibé children is essential in the process of assistance by LOVE1TALIBE.
A subscription to the universal health insurance program specific to daara is taken out for each child.

With our sponsorship program you can take care of the medical costs of one or more children by ensuring their contribution to mutual health insurance.

What are the advantages of CMU students?

When the child becomes ill, whether at school or at home, 80% of care in public health establishments is paid for by the mutual insurance company.

For example, for an invoice of 2,500 CFA francs, the mutual health insurance company will pay 2,000 CFA francs and LOVE1TALIBE covers the remaining cost.

For medicines bought in private pharmacies, the mutual health insurance company will pay half the cost and the nonprofit will pay the other half.

What is the amount of the subscription?

Each child needs a contribution of 1,000 CFA francs per year and the State provides 3,500 CFA francs.

The child is therefore entitled to all the services offered at the posts and health centers. At the hospital he has the right to consultations and generic medicines.

If the parents want, they can subscribe to a contribution of 3500 CFA francs per child and per year supplemented by the State up to 3500 CFA francs. The child is then entitled to all the services offered at post offices, health centers and public hospitals.

Membership of a mutual health organization facilitates access to quality health care, protects household incomes and strengthens solidarity and equity in access to care.

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