8 May 2014

Building a green Wall

Follow us as we embark on our journey to building a green wall and the start of our agro forestry garden ( trees and vegetables).
7 May 2014

Yeumbeul Community center hospital

As part of our ongoing effort to support the community, Love 1 Talibe donated beds, exam tables, sheets, pillows, clothes, toilets, strechers, walkers to a local community hospital.
6 May 2014

Medical care of Talibé children

The medical care of talibé children is essential in the process of assistance to children by LOVE1TALIBE. A subscription to the universal health insurance...
5 May 2014

Enrolling talibé

Enrolling talibé children has many challenges – a child may not know how old he is, and some are not sure where they come from. Virtually none of the children speak French and some struggle in Wolof (the most common local language).
4 May 2014

Samba Diallo Academy

Love 1 Talibé schools will resemble the modern daara – a Koranic school with basic primary subjects. The school day combines traditional learning of the Koran with prayers at the required intervals with mathematics, civics, reading and writing (in French), coloring, and sports and agriculture and farming
4 May 2014

Regular Students vs Talibes

We participated in the football tournament between the students and the talibes organized each year by the association ….. an inclusive and equal chance for children
3 May 2014

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1 May 2014

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29 April 2014

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