8 May 2014

Building a green Wall

Follow us as we embark on our journey to building a green wall and the start of our agro forestry garden ( trees and vegetables).
7 May 2014

Yeumbeul Community center hospital

As part of our ongoing effort to support the community, Love 1 Talibe donated beds, exam tables, sheets, pillows, clothes, toilets, strechers, walkers to a local community hospital.
6 May 2014

Medical care of Talibé children

The medical care of talibé children is essential in the process of assistance to children by LOVE1TALIBE. A subscription to the universal health insurance...

About our organisation

Value proposition

Talibé in Senegal and broadly in West Africa is usually referred to the boy, student, or disciple living in a traditional Quranic boarding school, or daara. Quality education is essential in shaping the future of our kids. Our advocacy work draws from a comprehensive effort – Education not Exploitation: Shelter, Safety, School, and Support (ENE4S).

Our Goal

To rehabilitate, educate and advocate for the Talibé in West Africa through inclusive approaches to education that enhances human capital and support endogenous economic growth in a country